Allstates Termite & Pest Control
The aim at Allstates Termite & Pest Control is to integrate preventive and corrective measures to keep pests from causing significant problems. These objectives are accomplished at the lowest possible cost, with minimum risk or hazard to the environment. We offer products and services to protect you and your environment from damage and disease associated with unwanted pests.

We know common pest problems are not pleasant to think about. But left untreated, these pests can run through more than just your mind. At Allstates Termite & Pest Control, we give you several options so we are able to take these nuisances out of sight and out of mind. When trying to control nature, great care must be taken and common sense needs to be applied, especially when a pesticide is necessary.

Allstates Termite & Pest Control strives to continually improve our professional standards, knowledge and efficiency to assure customer satisfaction and superior service for the future. Ask about our estimates. Call or email us for more information regarding our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

We Offer:
  • Removal Of Wildlife - Insect Control Services
  • Treatment Programs
  • Termites - Mice - Insect Services
  • Commercial - Residential Services
  • Moisture Control Systems - Odor Free Sprays
  • Insect Light - Animal Trap Services
  • Environmental Friendly Products
  • 1st Line Termite Defense Baiting System Services
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Bird Control - Poison - Bait Services



Allstates Termite & Pest Control
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